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Tips for renting or buying a house:

  • Bring a compass when you visit the house or site.
  • Make sure the main living area's are on the north side to capture the sun in winter.
  • Check if it has wide eaves to leave the sun out in summer.  In winter the sun is lower in the sky so will shine into the house under the eaves. See pictures.
  • Look for shadows like trees and buildings.
  • Big windows on the east and especially on the west side will cause overheating in summer.
  • Windows on the south side will lose heat and contribute negligible to solar heat gain.
  • Ask if there is insulation in the ceiling, walls and floor and how much.
  • Avoid ventilated down lights, they act as little chimneys and draw the heat out of your living room.
  • Check if there is some thermal mass inside the house (e.g. tiles on concrete slab). Thermal mass stores the heat and releases it slowly, so it reduces temperature fluctuations. Is works especially well if it is directly heated by the sun.