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Energy efficiency advice for existing or new houses


Are you confused by the sales people that want to sell you ventilation systems, heat pumps, insulation, double glazing etc.?

Do you want to know how to solve high power bills, condensation problems, cold house, overheating etc.

Do you want your new home to be comfortable, healthy and energy efficient?


I can help you by giving independent advice.

I do not sell any products or receive commissions.  This means I work for you alone.


A house energy efficiency advice includes:

  • Travel up to 50 km from Foxton.
  • A house visit of about 1 - 1.5 hours in which we go through the house and I give advice for improvements specific to your house, OR
  •  A house visit of about 1 -1.5 hours in which we discuss the building plans and construction of your new house.


The cost of a house energy efficiency advice is $150.

If you want to receive a written report there is an additional cost of $150.

Travel costs may apply.