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Snug Homes provides specialized professional services during the design and building stages of a building.


Current services include:

  • Energy efficiency advice for existing or new houses
  • Homestar Certified Assessments
  • Thermal modeling for H1 compliance or energy efficiency optimisation
  • Retrofit double glazing

 At Snug Homes we are passionate about the quality of homes.

We want to promote and contribute to a housing stock that is comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Josien Reinalda, the director of Snug Homes, is a Green Star NZ Accredited Professional (GSNZAP) and a Homestar Certified assessor.           

  •  New Zealand's housing stock is one of the least energy efficient in the OECD and the benefits of improving this are significant. Energy efficient homes cost less to run, are warmer and healthier, and have less environmental impact.
  • BRANZ research has shown that 45% of new home owners are disappointed about the thermal performance of their house.  So even a lot of new homes are too hot or, more likely, too cold.
  •  The incidence of asthma in New Zealand is one of the highest in the world, and an important contributing factor is the poor quality of housing. 

Let Snug Homes assist you in getting a comfortable, healthy and environmental friendly home.